We're Looking for 2020 MBA GPI Ambassadors

How to become an MBA GPI ambassador:

First, a dancer must have a public Instagram account. Then register for the MBA Grand Prix Intensive 2020. Upon completing dancer registration an ambassador code/link will be generated on the screen. Dancers should then put that link in their Instagram bio and make posts encouraging IG’ers to click on the link in their bio to register for the MBA GPI 2020 to receive $25 off their registration. 

Posts should tag @mbagrandprix to be reposted or for stories to be shared by our Instagram.  They also should include the hashtags #mbagrandprix or #mbagpi & #mbagpi2020. When someone clicks on the dancer’s link to register, it will give that registrant $25 off their registration and will log “credit” to the ambassador.

Benefits to ambassadors:

Dancer posts/photos and stories will be shared on our story and possibly reposted.

The more registrations a dancer accumulates through their link, the bigger the swag bag they will receive at the MBA GPI 2020.


The MBA GPI ambassador who acquires the most registrations through their link/code will receive FREE TUITION for the MBA GPI 2021! (must be a minimum of 10 registrations and will be based on the registrations made using the code of that dancer)

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