Every Labor Day Weekend and Winter Break in Scottsdale, AZ

Amanda Hidalgo, Pianist

Amanda Hidalgo is a classically trained pianist with over 30 years experience as a professional ballet accompanist that is enhanced by her experience as a former professional ballet dancer and ballet teacher herself. She is recognized for her ability to motivate and inspire dancers using her versatile repertoire, extraordinary finesse, and passionate musical interpretation. In addition to accompanying for Master Ballet Academy and Phoenix Ballet, Ms. Hidalgo also accompanies for Ballet Arizona, Ballet Etudes, Scottsdale School of Ballet, and the School of Ballet Arizona. Other notable schools she is associated with are, Arizona School for the Arts, and Tempe Dance Academy. She is also the Arizona pianist for the Royal Academy of Dancing examinations.

Born in California, Ms. Hidalgo was one of the most sought-after ballet pianists in Los Angeles, and she has worked extensively with Rosemary Valaire, Yvonne Mounsey, Tania Lichine, John Clifford, Irina Kosmovska, and Stanley Holden Dance Center where Mikhail Baryshnikov was a frequent guest. Ms. Hidalgo danced professionally with Tulsa Ballet Theater, Pacific Ballet Theatre, Ballet La Jeunesse, Pars National Ballet, Kalinin Dance Company, and was a well-known Persian style dancer with performances televised internationally. As Mrs. Arizona 2000, she has been involved with major fundraising activities and has been a motivational keynote speaker throughout Arizona. When not accompanying, Ms. Hidalgo works as an Arizona licensed private investigator.

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